Rev. Robert George Campbell

Lot 85-86 Belmont Park, Old Harbour, P.O. Box 23, St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I.

Telephone: 330-1252 | 983-9055 | 708-4500 | 507-2169

Background Info

Robert George Campbell born on June 14,1966 in the parish of St.Mary to parents Donald and Retilda Campbell.Robert Campbell is married to Delise L. J. Jones Campbell, he also has three children: Connilia, Christophe and Charissa.A foster child Astia McIntosh, he is a active member of the Jamaica Baptist Union with over 22 years of full time ministry.He previously served at Belle Castle Circuit in Portland as a student pastor 1990 - 1991 and Gibraltar Circuit in St. Ann 1992 - 2002, before taking leadorship of the Old Harbour Bay Circuit of Baptist Churches.Robert George Campbell also has an active role in Denominational Involvement, Community Involvement and Government Service.