Below is a brief description of the administrative structure of the churches in the Old Harbour Bay Circuit, and how the portfolios combine for the effective functioning of each church: -

Evangelism The people are led to Christ
Education The people are trained in Discipleship

Group Leader's Board

Youth Fellowship


Women's Federation

The people are nurtured in fellowship and ministry

Social Ministry

Sports Ministry


Family Life

Ushers' Board

Music Ministry

The people are united in service
Youth Department Youth ministering and being ministered unto

Finance Committee

Technical Assistance

Property Committee


The people honour corporate responsibilities

Deacons' Board

Officer's Board

Circuit Council

The various Ministries work together

















   To live a life of obedience and consecration to our Lord, thereby providing an example of good Christian living for people in general, and in particular those who live in the area covered by the group.

   To provide an example of good membership by regularity in the attendance at Church meetings and services; by a responsible approach to the stewardship of the time, talent and other resources, in faithfully supporting the ministry of the church

     To promote

(a) The spiritual growth and development of members,

(b) the social well-being and a sense of belonging among group members.

   To enlighten the awareness of group members as their spiritual and social responsibilities within the community where the group is located, and to give leadership to members as they seek to fulfil these responsibilities

    To be the communication link between the Church leadership  and the group members

Through the leaders:

     (a) The group members shall be informed about the Churchs vision, plans, programmes and projects;

     (b) The leadership shall also receive the opinions and prayerful reflections of the general membership on matters  related to the growth and ministry of the church








   To develop an ongoing programme to educate members on matters\issues related to family life

   To develop a special programme each year for family life emphasis in May and June

   To encourage ,institute and mobilize the church and community to be an integral part of both the ongoing programme and the special family life emphasis programme

   To develop and implement other means and ways through which the church can positively impact family life in the communities in which it ministers and the wider society

   To develop and equip through ongoing education, a team of counseling such as peers and crisis counseling and conflict resolution






 The following are the general expectations of the sports and games committee.

   To promote and enhance positive relationship among believers through sports and games;

   To promote and encourage inter-church fellowship through sports and games

   To encourage interaction with non-church groups/individuals through sports and games with the aim of eventually reaching them for Christ

   To develop and promote programmes, seminars and workshops that will encourage proper dieting and exercise








This department coordinates the Church Social Ministry as a means of facilitating the Churchs corporate expression of Christian love towards the needy.

     Healing Ministry

Develop a programme marked by a holistic approach to healing and encompassing the service of a total health team, including nursing, medical, dental, optical, prayer and counselling service.

     Skills Training 

Design programmes to equip particularly the unemployed to develop skills to assist their personal development and realization of the image of God in them;

     Welfare Service 

Coordinate a programme to assist the desperately poor, especially the elderly, obtain food, clothing and medication

     Corporative Programme 

Corporate with other Christians groups or agencies designed to help relieve the suffering of humankind

     Coordinate outreach to prisons, special homes (e.g. Nursing and Kenneth Royes Rehabilitation Centre) and community generally


Conceive and develop other programmes whereby the Church may make the love of God in Christ incarnate in those who are overcome by difficulties of life.







     To coordinate the execution of entertainment responsibility in respect to:

a.     Visitors at morning worship service

b.     Visiting persons in the service of the Church.

     Floral Decorations

To supervise Church decorations while maintaining an interest in the general preparation of the Church auditorium for worship service.

     Communion Emblem Preparation

To organize the preparation of Communion vessels, trays, plates and emblems.

     Church Socials

     To maintain an interest in the equipments in, and the use of, the Church kitchen.

     Church Solidarity Programme

To ensure that appropriate expressions are extended towards:

a.   Members who are celebrating special blessings such as marriage or the birth of a child

b.   Members who are ill or bereaved.

     Provide and maintain a clean and healthy environment.







The members of this board play a vital role in ushering the people into the presence of God for corporate worship. They serve as Gods ambassadors who make worshippers feel welcome in the house of God and who assist in the maintenance of decency and orderliness as requisite conditions for the worship experience.


 The duties of the ushers include the following: -

     Welcoming worshippers and conducting them to their seats where necessary

     Distributing hymn books, bulletin and programmes;

     Administering the registration of visitors to the Church;

     Collecting the tithes and offerings

     Helping to maintain order in the Church

     Making sure that as far as possible the smooth flow of the worship is not disrupted in any way







This department coordinates the Music and Creative Arts Ministry of the Church


            Roster Preparation

       - Prepare roster for ministry through Vocal music and the Creative Arts at morning and evening service and other special occasions; and

       -Prepare roster of instrumentalist to play at church services and programmes                                 

            Development of ministry of Music and Creative Arts

       -Stimulate in members interest in Church music, vocal/ instrumental, creative arts and in the relation  of music and the creative arts and worship

        -Support music and creative arts through the arranging of seminars, workshops and fellowship opportunities

            Coordination of Operation of Choirs other singing groups and Creative Arts ministry

       -Oversee the operation of all Church Choirs; this includes discussing matters related to the conduct and performance of the Choirs, the maintenance of discipline in the Choirs, and in consultation with the conduct of particular choir, the selection of musical selections to be rendered by the Choirs

       -The same should be done for all Music and Creative Arts ministries to ensure the effective coordination of their operation

            Outreach Ministry

       - Provide Christian witness primarily through singing and the Creative Arts at different points in the communities, which the Church seeks to serve. This includes the homed of sick and shut in members, at various institution (eg. Homes for the Aged), in public squares etc.







This committee is responsible for the care (upkeep and maintenance-operational and preventative) and acquisition of all property belonging to the Church.


   Keep an up-to date inventory of all Church property such as land, building, furnishings and equipments;

   Coordinate the maintenance and repair of all Church property;

   Attending to the security of the Church property and ensure adequate insurance coverage on buildings and equipments in accordance with Church policy;

   Make recommendations for the acquisition, development and improvement of property and coordinate plans for the same.








This committee is responsible for the stewardship of the churchs finance


   Develop an annual church budget;

   Receive and disburse Church funds according to procedures develop by the Church

   Maintain accurate records of the financial affairs of the Church;

   Prepare and present quarterly, half-yearly and annually Church financial statements;

   Plan and coordinate fundraising efforts to subsidize the tithes and offerings of the Church members, as long as it is necessary to do so.








     To assist in the administration of the churchs affairs

     To inform and remind the church of plans, programs, requests, invitation, etc

     To effectively deal with all correspondence


     To record, prepare and present all minutes for Church Council and members meetings



To assist both Administrative and Recording secretaries with their duties when it is requested, and \ or when it is deemed necessary to so








To assist the Pastor in caring for the members of the Church and in administering the affairs of the Church


   To provide a noble example of Christian living, including good church membership

   To help each member of the Church recognize himself/herself as a vital member of the Church family, who accepts and fulfils consistently the responsibilities of Christian living and of Church membership

   To care for members:

a.     Visiting the sick and shut in and administering the Lords Supper to them;

b.     Counselling and encouraging the weak, the failing and the backsliders; and

c.     Administering discipline.

   To assist in the administration of the Churchs affairs including attendance at, and participation in all Deacons, Officers, Church Council and Members Meetings.

   To offer needed guidance or/and assistance to Group leaders and the Members of their Groups.

   To serve at the Communion Table

   To maintain a keen interest in the Ministers welfare







Because the each church in the Circuit has only one Ministry, there needs to be a meeting point for this one ministry under one administrative head for all the leaders of the committees and departments which work together to fulfil different aspects of this one ministry. They should be able to: -

     Maintain the vision of their unified purpose.

     Share reflections on and engage in evaluations of their programmes.

     Develop and discuss plans for the future of the Churches Ministry.

This meeting point, which obviates unnecessary conflicts in the Churches programme, is the Church Council, which ensures that the Churches programme is consistent with the vision of Ministry and the goals established by the church as the Holy Spirit guides it.



1.     Pastor as Chairman

2.     Chairman of Deacons Board as Vice Chairman

3.     Other Deacons

4.     Administrative Secretary, Recording Secretary and Assistant Secretary

5.     Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer



1.   Evangelism: Chairperson

2.   Education: Chairperson and Sunday school Supt.

3.   Social Ministry: Chairperson

4.   Music and Creative Arts: Chairperson

5.   Family Life: Chairperson

6.   Hospitality: Chairperson

7.   Social Outreach: Chairperson

8.   Finance: Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

9.   Property: Chairperson

10. Technical Assistance: Chairperson

11. Youth: Chairperson & Youth Fellowship President

12. Brotherhood: President

13. Womens Federation: President

14. Group Leaders and Board Chairperson

15. Ushers Board: Chairperson


C. Other possible Representatives

          1.Chairperson of Church School Board/Representative

          2. Convenor: Bulletin Committee

 D. If the need arises additional person(s) appointed by the Pastor in consultation with the Deacons Board. Appointment may be for the entire years or may constitute invitations to selected meetings



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