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                                    Circuit Office - Old Harbour Bay

The Old Harbour Bay Circuit of Baptist Churches, which includes the Old Harbour Bay, Hartlands and the Old Harbour Baptist Baptist Churches, is one of 17 circuits that are members of the St. Catherine Baptist Association (SACABA), which consists of about 51 churches. SACABA is one of the 13 associations of the Jamaica Baptist Union. The Old Harbour Bay Circuit has its Headquarters in Old Harbour Bay, which has been the host of the SACABA Annual Convention for over 10 years now.

Our core beliefs

Baptists have two basic things which they share with the peoples of the world: -

  • Common humanity and

  • shared environment.

We, like other religious persons in general and like other Christians in particular, differ in our understanding of the origins and purpose of humanity in the environment. This particular understanding and the basis for arriving at such an understanding both allows for and defines Baptist distinctives as well as enabling Baptists to affirm common truths with other persons.

Throughout our history, Baptists have sought to be faithful to the truth of the Gospel and to pattern the Church on the principles of fellowship found in the New Testament. However, as there has been nearly twenty centuries since the founding of the first Christian congregations and with the accompanying additions over the years, there are points at which Baptists both agree and disagree with other Christians. Baptists principles as stated below are therefore to be more accurately viewed as a Baptist understanding of the Christian faith.

Baptists, like other Christians believe: -

           source: www.jbu.org.jm (Jamaica Baptist Union)

Our Mission

Reaching more for God, by doing more through God, to the glory of God by the continuous renewal of ourselves and a very effective evangelical and social outreach programme with a very caring and motivated membership

Our Vision

The communities we serve will see the member churches as places of refuge, and where moral, spiritual and community leadership will be sought.

Expectations/Responsibilities of the Pastor

a. The pastor is ultimately responsible and accountable for the overall administration of the pastorate. This involves giving effective leadership towards the proper running of the business of the Pastorate, seeing to it that statutory meetings are held, relevant records are kept, reports are submitted and accountability maintained at all levels.

b. The pastor is directly responsible for the overall worship life of the Pastorate. This includes, administering the sacraments, being personally committed to the faithful preaching of the Word, teaching of the faith and giving leadership in creative and effective liturgical forms and expressions.

c. The pastor is expected to ensure that relevant and adequate preparation is afforded gifted members of the Church/Churches of the Pastorate for participation in the preaching and teaching ministry and for leadership at various levels in the life of the Church/Churches.

d. The pastor is expected to exercise overall consistent and sustained watch care responsibilities in the Pastorate, these include visiting, counselling, comforting, peacemaking, disciplinary and nurturing activities.

e. The pastor is expected to lead the Pastorate in its understanding and vision of the ministry and mission of the Church, both in its immediate and wider contexts. This will also include understanding of the nature of shared relationship that give expression to the life of the Church, denominational affiliation and commitment, parish association and ecumenical participation.

f. The Pastor is expected to be a chief representative of moral and spiritual authority in the Pastorate. This includes being the chief spokesman on the beliefs, regulations, code of ethics and practice of the Church

g. The Pastor is expected to lead a life that is worthy of faith confessed in the Lordship of Christ and the call to the ordained ministry of the Church of God. Under the guidance and enabling of the Holy Spirit, the pastor is therefore expected to be an example of Christ-likeness in everyway.   

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